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Portuguese Makers | Craft Week
Portuguese Makers | Craft Week


Portuguese Makers Craft Week is an annual event that highlights traditional production methods that were inherited over time. Portuguese Makers Craft Week was created to transmit passion, dedication and devotion to the art of building an object regardless of material. We want to share these feelings and restore the ties between the object and the human being. This week is designed to immerse all the participants in an exciting approach to different type of materials, built around the principles of Design and Architecture with the help of the most prestigious Architects and Designers from all over the world.

We are proud to announce our participation to the Portuguese Makers | Craft Week on the 4th of September in our new studio.


Gift Voucher – Dia da Mãe


Se não sabem ainda que presente dar à vossa mãe, não se esqueçam que elas adoram cursos de cerâmica ! ★

O Gift Voucher já está disponível.

Um presente original para uma experiência de 1, 2 dias, 1 semana ou 1 mês no nosso atelier.

175€ para 1 semana ou 5 dias à escolha do aluno

90€ para 10 horas à escolha do aluno

60€ para 2 dias à escolha do aluno  


Para mais informações enviem-nos um email para olho.ceramica@gmail.com